JPAMI 360-degree Performance Appraisal System

In addition to JPAMI behavioural areas such as leadership, communication, etc., a company's bespoke KPA's and KPI's and/or other observable behaviours for 360-degree evaluation and assessment can also be administrated on the JPAMI system.

Other instruments

Organisations can develop their own bespoke 360-degree questions, for completely customised 360-degree performance appraisals.


The AssessmentWorld, JPAMI 360-degree platform enables practitioners to utilise a fully cloud based solution, inclusive of administrating, auto scoring, report generation, and secure data storage. Ratings can also be completed by participants on any smart device, increasing the capability to efficiently include dispersed employees, yet auto gather the data via the AssessmentWorld cloud based system. Visit Infocenter for detailed descriptions of the JPAMI 360-degree Performance Appraisal System.